Privacy Policy


The privacy of our website visitors is very important to us, and we are committed to protecting it. This policy explains what we will do with your personal information.

1) Information

What will we do with your information?

When you access, register or purchase products on our site, we may store the following types of personal information:

Information about your computer, including IP address, geographic location, browser type and version, and operating system;
Information about your visits to and use of this site, including referrals, duration, views and navigation paths;
Name information, date of birth, e-mail address, credit card information, and other information.

1.1) Changes

When might we change the information policy?

To better serve our users, this policy may be changed at any time. Thus, it is important that you consult our policy regularly. Changes and clarifications will take effect after they are posted on the site.

If our site is acquired by or merged with another company, your information may be transferred to the new owners.

2) Consent

How do we obtain users’ consent?

By providing personal information through registration, email contact or online channel (chat with us), subscription to our newsletter, or purchases, without enabling anonymous identifiers, and enabling cookies, we understand that you/users expressly choose this type of navigation aimed exclusively at your interests and therefore authorize the storage of information through these technologies.

However, in order to obtain personal information for secondary purposes, such as marketing, we will directly request your consent or the opportunity to refuse the request.

2.1) Personal Data

How do I not share my data?
Sharing your data is always a choice you make.

To opt-out of sharing, remember that you can adjust the settings on your browser or your internet access device to

Disable cookies from browsing;
Perform anonymous browsing and others;

In this way you can always choose to browse the internet in a way that restricts the collection of your data, using one of the options above.

3) Rights

What are the users’ rights?
Right of rectification of consented information;
The right to access information held by CMS Científica do Brasil by sending a copy of a personal document by email, such as an identification card;
Right to withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us at or by mail: CMS Científica Rua João Aranha, 736 – Centro – Cosmópolis/SP – Brazil – Zip Code: 13150-009.

3.1) Responsibilities

What are the users’ responsibilities?
Third-party data – the user must be extremely cautious when sharing data of which he is not the owner. If you have doubts about the consent of this third party to share the data, do not share it.
My password – Despite the efforts undertaken by CMS Científica do Brasil to ensure the security of your data, the use of services, the access to internet contents involves some risks and exposures. Thus, it is necessary that you, the user, take some precautions to reduce the risks:
Never inform your password to third parties; The password is the first line of defense against unauthorized access.
Avoid using a single password for several sites;
Create a password that is difficult to copy using characters, numbers and letters;
Always use the “logout” or “logoff” button after you finish browsing;
Always keep your operating system and antivirus updated;
Always pay attention when accessing personal accounts using public computers or networks.

4) Disclosure

To whom may we disclose the information collected from users?

The personal information collected may be disclosed to any of our employees in order to generate leads for our salespeople to work with who is interested in our equipment.

In addition, personal information collected may be disclosed if we are required by law to do so, or if you violate our Terms of Service.

5) Security

What are our procedures to ensure the privacy and security of user data?

To protect the personal information we collect, we follow industry best practices to make sure that it is not improperly lost, accessed, disclosed, altered, or destroyed.

The procedures are:

Storage of personal information through secure, password and firewall protected servers; CMS Scientific implements mechanisms to ensure that there is no misuse of your data;
Storage of purchase information, such as credit card information, using encryption, although the user acknowledges that no method of transmission over the internet or electronic storage is 100% secure, and that we cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the internet;

Furthermore, if the user suspects any misuse, please contact us through our service channels available on the site.

6) Legislation

This policy is the result of the current legislation and ethical standards of CMS Científica do Brasil, always aiming at the welfare and viability of the company’s products and business, in the search for the offer of better services to the public. If you are interested, be sure to consult the legislation, especially:

– Marco Civil da Internet (Law No. 12,965/2014) and its Regulation (Decree No. 8,771/2016);

– Consumer Defense Code (Law No. 8.078/1990); and

– Civil Code (Law No. 10.406/2002)

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